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Photo: Aminda Villa

We get asked all the time "what kind of music do you play?" ... Such a difficult question. If we said, "it's a guy and a girl and we play folk music, and our name is The Sudden Lovelys" ... Well, we happen to think that comes across as rather innocent, quiet or more like traditional folk music. Yes, we have some songs that fit into that stereotype, but it only scratches the surface. A lot of our music has no shortage of  teeth and for two people we make a hell of a lot of noise.


Daniel plays guitar, sings, and kicks an old red suitcase like it was a bass drum. Paige also sings, and adds a ton of different percussion elements. Together we can really crank it up, or dial it back. Point is, we cover a broad spectrum of sound. 


Our goal is to connect with the audience, and we do that with storytelling. We're honest, humble and very passionate and those qualities shine in our live performance.